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Mission Statement

Krewe D'Esprit was founded in 2020 as a Social Aid & Pleasure Club committed to embodying and embracing the spirit, whether it's a fine tipple, a good ghost story, a raucous night out, or the ineffable vibe of New Orleans itself.  We believe in creating an atmosphere of mutual support and respect, devoted to uplifting and celebrating the best in our members and community.  We eschew drama in favor of dramatic flair, ownership in favor of an outrageously good time.  Our krewe is open to all like-minded souls, regardless of identity or physical location, who seek the best in others and themselves. Sure we have excellent parties, convivial conversation, and amazing costumes, but we're also known for our proven willingness to show up and work hard/play hard in support of both Krewe D'Esprit and any organization with which we align.  Not just a pretty face and a fun time, we are social justice oriented, committed to giving back to the city that gives us so much joy, as well as to organizations that promote equality (since nothing ruins a party like oppression).  Our theme ideas are only outmatched by our "spirited" throws--barware for a good time, candles for the afterworld, and compasses and maps as guides to both.  Don't worry though--even without a legend you can't miss us, because we'll always be legendary!

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